There are many reasons why a company uses Excel over a proper CRM system. It is free, easy to use, is something that we have all used and most people think it can do the job.
Unlike a CRM system, it’s not always reliable and you cannot share information if you have a sales team that consists of more than one person. This is not to say that a single operated business cannot use a CRM system and get the core business advantages from it.
An Excel spreadsheet is messy and time consuming to put information in, change information, share the spreadsheet with others. This is time you could be spending on making sales and doing business that will translate in to future success.

Utilising a CRM system for your client accounts will mean:
• Valuable information about your client such as revenue amounts, stages of the sale, decision makers, email tracking, and progress can easily be viewed.
• All information can be shared quickly and easily.
• There is less room for human error when entering and tracking information.
• Charts and lists can be embedded automatically to give you a better view of your sales pipeline.
• Fields can be added to use for grouping and segmenting for marketing.
• Automation of information can occur, such as dates and times, last purchases and when an activity was last completed.

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2013-09-28 13:12:05
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