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Tell us the features & tools you've always wanted in ACT...
and we can make them for you!

Have you ever wanted ACT to do something it couldn't? Something simple like combine the contents of two fields into one, or push specific contact data into the opportunities, or even copy all data from a character field into a memo field?

All simple tasks that ACT cannot do out of the box, but features the development team at Keystroke created for internal purposes in less than an hour... in the last week!

What would you like ACT to do? It could be security related, automation, new features, or whatever suits your needs. Why buy "off the rack", when we can quote on tailor fitting your ACT to your unique business needs? An hour of our time could save you countless hours of manual labour, AND increase your user loyalty.

We could even save you more by suggesting an existing ACT! addon you may not be aware of.

2015-05-27 00:17:56
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