Customers who purchase Act! will be entitled to 30 days free Warranty support* to get started. Warranty Support includes phone and e-mail support for up-to 30 days from the date of product registration.

This service is limited to:

    • Product installation error messages

    • Simple database setup

    • Simple conversion of an old database,

Product Installation Error Messages: The 30 day warranty does not cover installation or uninstallation issues with Microsoft .Net, Microsoft Windows Installer, or Microsoft SQL errors. ACTCRM offers optional limited support for non-Act! product for a fee. However, ACTCRM does not provide any kind of warranty support for non-Act! products.

Simple Database Setup:
Act! Technical Support team offers assistance in creating a new simple database. (Setting up a database on a shared network/ adding users/managing users, opening a database across the network is not included in the database set-up).

Simple Database Conversion: Act! Technical Support team offers assistance in converting a standard database residing on a local computer. Custom conversion, mapping custom fields, creating new fields while converting is not included in the 30 day warranty support.

Product Registration: Act! Technical Support team offers assistance in registering the product. This does not include troubleshooting registration errors for example; no installation code/installation code field is blank, uninstalling and re-installing necessary services. However, this can be obtained for a fee.

Items outside this will be subject to our standard fees. For more information on pricing and the special incidents that are not included under Warranty Support, visit here.


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