With the release of ACT Premium for Web v16, remote users can now add, edit, or delete fields in their database in a way previously that was not possible. Moreover, web users can also design Layouts, as well.
Two years ago ACT Premium for Web 2012 introduced the ability to manage users through the web interface, and now ACT Premium for Web 16 has increased the functionality much further.
With these changes n mind, we though it might be helpful to recap the difference between what can now be done in the Windows client vs the Web client.


Features Unavailable in Act! Premium (Web) via Web Browser:

    • Add additional user licenses to the database

    • "Show Look For" option

    • Edit Smart Tasks

    • Right click functionality (presents browser options)

    • Create Activity Series

    • Setup and use field triggers

    • Import or export data (you can use the Export to Excel function from the list view)

    • Create new report templates

    • Act! E-marketing functionality

    • Add document attachments as shortcuts

    • Manage Opportunity Product and Process Lists

    • Synchronize Act! data with a handheld device

    • Integrate Act! with a supported accounting program

    • E-Mail Document option on Document tab

    • No Act! Email client installed locally for viewing or managing email (can integrate with locally installed Microsoft® Outlook® or send through an Internet mail account)

    • Email Message (from template)

    • Backup and restore databases

    • Replace, copy, or swap field data for multiple contacts

    • Duplicate Checking settings, scan for duplicate records

    • Edit Contact Access (Make Public, Make Private, Create Access List, Add or Remove Users/Teams) for multiple contacts

    • Copy or move contact data (merge)

    • Database maintenance (check, repair, reindex, delete)

    • Use of Act! Diagnostics utility

    • Remote database synchronization panel (create, edit, delete remote databases and sync sets)

    • Act! Dialer

    • Fax integration

    • Timer

    • Act! Scheduler

    • History recorded when printing a document (Mail merge directly to printer does create history).

    • No option to "Open each view in its own window" in Preferences

    • Social Updates

    • Quick Print

New functions Added to the Web Interface in Act! Premium (Web):

    • Google Chrome support

    • Define Fields

    • Customize Layouts

    • History list keyword search

    • Calculated Fields

    • Company Management

New functions Added to the Web Mobile Interface in Act! Premium (Web) Mobile:

    • Act! Premium Mobile Tablet Views

    • Act! Premium Mobile Groups/Companies

    • Mobile Email


2013-10-06 02:18:26
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