Act_Premium_for_Web(1)According to a survey conducted by DiscoverOrg, almost 29% of those who took part reported that they did not have any type of CRM system in place. This is surprising, especially when you consider that CRM programs return an average profit of $5.60 for every $1 spent. Additional studies and statistics agree that there is much to gain when implementing a CRM program, such as ACT!

So what happens after you've decided you want to implement ACT! software, but don't have the budget for the new hardware, networking, or staffing to support it? Don't worry! At Keystroke Quality Computing, we offer professional quality ACT! software hosting. This means you don't have to purchase new equipment or hire new staff to run the software. Instead, we host the ACT! system remotely for your company, giving you access to the software's functions but carrying the load of hosting it on our dedicated servers.

Our hosting centers feature multiple levels of dedicated security, as well as three on-site 5000gal diesel generators prepared to provide weeks of uninterrupted power and internet connection in the event of an emergency. Additionally, all of our servers are monitored 24/7. If something goes wrong with a single service on any of our servers, we are notified immediately and can resolve the problem before it is even noticed by our users. For instance, if the sync service crashes, or SQL spikes too high, a backup or maintenance of any database fails, or even if a server stops publishing, we are notified within seconds and can respond immediately, seven days a week.

Additionally, our hosting service offers these benefits:

    • Access Anywhere, Anytime: Regardless of your location or what computer you're using, if you have a stable internet connection then you have full access to your ACT! database.

    • Fast Response Time: If something goes wrong, we have five on site certified ACC's who know how to fix any problem fast, and five more available remotely.

    • Added Security: Our databases are stored on remote offline servers which are impervious to internet based attacks such as hacking or fraud. The only access to the database servers passes through a 256bit encrypted remote access service which we are subscribed to.

    • Upgrades Are A Snap: Updates to the master database are available free of charge as part of your subscription. You can even opt to have your business run off of the ACT for web databases while you upgrade your individual user databases.

So, what are you waiting for? When you opt for ACT! software hosting through Keystroke Quality Computing, you can rest assured that you and your business will be in safe hands. If you would like to learn more, we welcome you to visit us at our website. Additionally, you can contact us directly with any questions you may have.

2015-02-04 11:01:06
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