I'm a big Echo fan, as I have about ten of them spread across the home and office.
However, whether I use Alexa, Siri, or some other voice assisted service to schedule an activity, I love how I can use Handheld Contact to pull them into Act!.
For example, yesterday I invited my mother and niece to breakfast on Sunday, and the workflow followed something like this:

  1. Once everyone was onboard with the outing, I turned to my Echo device and said "Alexa, schedule breakfast at Denny's at 10AM Sunday", and within moments the event appeared on my calendar on my phone.
  2. I then used HHC to import that new activity (Homescreen > Import/Export Calendar > Import Calendar)
  3. Once the activity was imported, I opened it up, clicked Edit, and added my mother and niece to the "Scheduled With"
  4. I then clicked on the Location field, typed "Denny's" and several suggested locations popped, and I selected the correct one.
  5. The last step was to scroll down to the bottom of the activity and select "Send email invitation", and clicked done.

In less than a minute I went from an idea, to sending all parties involved a detailed invitation including the location to map their way there.

This is what we envisioned at Handheld Contact when we implemented the "Calendar Import" feature last month, and it was wonderful to see it work so smoothly on a Saturday afternoon sitting in my living room.

Now in this specific case, I might not care much about recording the History of a family outing, but imagine if I had just told Siri to schedule a business meeting, and then I followed all the same steps? I'd have the Activity, the History and the follow-up opportunity all created in Act! by HHC with this exact same workflow.

Some of us may have forgotten about the Act! v20 "Ask Alexa" feature, but I believe HHC can help restore that same efficiency.


2019-06-02 21:23:14
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