If you're anything like me, at the end of a month you likely have to push the "estimated closing date" on multiple opportunities to the end of the next month. In my industry, I'll often have many opps close at the same time due to a sale or that month's pricing level. However, as you can see from the illustration below, there is no option to select multiple opps and then change the estimated closing date on all of them.
Thankfully ACT! has other means of updating multiple opps, that are less evident than right-clicking on multiple opps.

The first step is to LookUp the Opportunities you want to update, which can normally be achieved by filtering them by date.  Please note, "selecting" multiple Opps is not the same as "Looking the Up". You MUST limit your list to the opps you want to updReplaceate, not simply select them.
Once you've completed the LookUp of the Opps, click on "Edit" from the pull-down menu, and select "Replace. This option will present the "Replace Date" dialogue box (illustration to the left). Select "Estimated Close Date" from the list of available Opportunity fields, and then choose the new date you'd like to push all the Opportunities to, and then click "OK".
That's it! In those two simple steps you've pushed all the Opportunities to a new Estimated Closing Date, and now you can begin your pursuit anew.

For a video demonstration of this process, please click on the following link:


2013-10-06 11:28:58
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