There are currently known issues with recent updates to Microsoft Office as is described in the KB ( The solution is to revert office to a stable version that allows the Act! integration to work correctly. If the process is successful, you should end up on Office version 16.04229.  We suggest that you have your IT folks do this for you in case you have any special Office install/update policies.

To ensure this works, please do the following:


1.  In Outlook, click File

2.  Click Account

3.  Click Update Options

4.  Click Disable Updates, and confirm, and Close Outlook

5.  Then from the Attachments section of the Knowledgebase article, download and save the 2016_Office_UpdateTo16.0.4229.bat file

6.  Right-click the 2016_Office_UpdateTo16.0.4229.bat file and choose Run as Administrator to begin the downgrade Microsoft Outlook to build 16.0.4229.0.

7.  Open Outlook and check the version to confirm the downgrade completed successfully.

8.  Test Act!-Outlook sync to confirm that it is working again


Unfortunately, our Act4outlook addon does not address the issue of the redemption.dll file, which is relied upon to launch Outlook when clicking on an email address or merging to a template. Swiftpage is aware of the issue, and it's their #1 priority to resolve.


For those looking for a temporary solution to the above described problem until the redemption.dll issue is resolved, we have come up with a workaround to allow people to continue email from within Act!, with proper History recording.

This solution does not work with templates or merge mailing, but works effectively for sending one-off emails to Act! contacts. It also can work with other email clients  including Thunderbird.

This free product is called Qmail, and is available at the following link:
the QMail installer:

Once installed, you will find a "Send Qmail" under the "Write" pull-down menu within Act!.

Feel free to distribute it as you see fit. We still anxiously await for a solution to the redemption.dll issue that is causing Act! to crash, but at least this offers some relief to customers unwilling or unable to rollback their version of Outlook as described above.

We hope this helps.

2017-06-23 09:34:44
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