From entry-level to full-featured CRM, Act! has a solution that's right for your business. Choose Act! Premium or Act! Premium Plus solutions for an on-premise deployment, or in the Cloud for instant online access to Act! in a modern, secure Cloud environment—no IT needed, no hardware required, just an affordable subscription. With Act! Subscription, the choice is yours.

Act! Subscription details

A few important factors to consider with Act! subscription
  • Act! subscription totals (number of licenses) can be increased mid-term, and you will only be billed the prorated amount due until your next renewal date, at which time you will be billed the annual amount for your new subscription total
  • subscription totals can only be decreased at time of renewal
  • perpetual licensing is only available for purchase at time of renewal and the price is calculated as 2.5x the cost of an annual subscription. In other words, if you elected NOT to renew a $300 Act! Premium subscription, and purchase perpetual licensing for same, you would be required to pay $750 for the perputal fee, and be given a perpetual license key of the latest Act! version available. It is important to understand that while the core functions of the software would continue to work with the perpetual license, the following services would cease to be available once the subscription lapsed:
    • any WebAPI service including Insights, Outlook Connect, Dynamic Pipelines, and Zapier integration (many of our add-ons our now written to the WebAPI, like Book2act)
    • Act! Marketing Automation
    • additional service pack updates
    • new product features and updates
    • technical support options with Swiftpage
    • any loyalty or quantity discounts would be forfeit, and be unavailable if you came back later to resubscribe
  • Act! Premium Cloud does not offer perpetual plans due to the ongoing hosting commitment
  • As of April 1st, 2019, Swiftpage discontinued the practice of offering quantity discounts on sales of 5+ seats. Legacy customers will continue to be grandfathered with their quantity discounts, but additional seat purchases would be purchased at their existing subscription rate, and additional purchases could not entitle them to further quantity discounts if they moved into a new pricing tier under the old quantity discount system.
  • Act! Growth Suite subscriptions include the first seat of Act!, as well as support packages that escalate with each tier. Additional seats of Act! are purchased at $300 (available to subscribers whose contract predates May 1st, 2019) and $420 for new subscribers. Given Swiftpage's commitment to their Cloud services, self-hosting discounts are no longer available to new users.
2019-06-05 14:33:02
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