With the release of Act! v. 16 and the addition of a calculation features in Act!, we’ve renamed our Automatic Field Calculations add-on, Advanced Field Calculations. I have already been asked several times if the new calculation features in Act! could replace our Automatic Field Calculations add-on. My answer is “Probably not” and here is why:

Advanced Field Calculations works with all types of field. In Act! v.16, you can only create calculations using numeric and date fields. When I say numeric, I really mean numeric, not even decimal or currency fields. With Advanced Field Calculations, you can use any type of field. Probably the most common use of Automatic Field Calculations is to write text to a target field. You can’t do that using Act! v.16 calculated fields.

Advanced Field Calculations supports more than 60 different functions. In Act! v.16, the functions you have access to are limited to 4 by type of fields: sum, difference, product and quotient for numeric fields, days and years since/until today for date fields. If we simply look at the date functions, you can’t add a number of days to a date, you can’t calculate the difference between 2 dates, etc. Advanced Field Calculations supports more than 60 different functions, most of them are functions you are familiar with because they are similar to the ones available in Excel. You can download the Advanced Field Calculations Function Reference Guide to see all the available functions.

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2014-03-24 09:26:12
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