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Online or off, Act! provides you access to your vital customer data anywhere, any time. Many CRM solutions rely on the Internet to connect you with your data, but have no solution in the event of an an Internet outage, or when bad service areas like rural, remote, vacation, or cottage regions. With Act!, you can enjoy uninterrupted database access in aeroplane mode when travelling by plane or subway for extended periods.

2.  Security
When security is critical, Act! provides you self hosting options to securely lock down medical, financial, legal, or other sensitive data in house - away from the prying eyes of the Internet. Such locked down internal access allows you to easily comply with most governing regulatory bodies that dictate security standards for your industry.

3.  Easy to learn and perform everyday tasks.
Don’t worry about a learning curve. ACT! is a leader when it comes to ease of use. You can accomplish more every day by simply choosing to use ACT! over more costly and complex CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics® and
Why? Because Act! has been proven time & time again to be the easiest CRM to learn, so you and your team can start using it immediately. It also takes less time to learn and perform everyday tasks, like inputting a new contact, finding that key piece of info you need, and managing your daily to-dos.
What's more, with Act! being a market leader since 1987, there is a greater chance new employees have had some experience with Act! at previous jobs - thus making the onboarding faster and easier.

4.  A powerful way to grow your business
With ACT!, you can connect to powerful sales and marketing services that give your business a boost. Act! Premium Subscription provides you free ACT! E-marketing service right out of the box, that allow you to design, send, and track your marketing campaigns. Act! Emarketing also offers upgrade options for larger distributions, and to deliver more enhanced services like Call Lists, online Lead Capture, and intelligent automation to get the most out of your email campaigns.

5.  Customizable & easy to learn.
Just like a suit off the rack, Act! can be tailor fit to meet the needs of your business. Whether you're a mortgage broker, Real Estate agent, or Financial Planner, or in the public or private sector, Act! can be customized to suit you.

6.  Cost
With Act! Pro solutions starting at $149 (one time cost) and Premium solutions starting at $15/user/month, Act! is unquestionably one of the best values on the CRM market. Upgrade with confidence knowing that Act Premium and Cloud Subscription solutions include free basic emarketing, unlimited technical support, and application updates & upgrades!.
What's more, when you compare what you get with Act! to more expensive SaaS solutions at 4-5 times the monthly cost, business are comforted to know they get what they need with Act!, and won't be forced to pay exorbitantly more for countless features they don't want, and likely will never use.



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