Supercharge your marketing automation with AMA

Swiftpage will be launching a plugin version of their new Act! Marketing Automation service late summer, with plans to incorporate AMA into the core product with Act! Premium v21- expected later this month.

Many may recall the Swiftpage eMarketing was initially introduced the same way in 2006, and sold as a value-add subscription which would later be incorporated into the core product in 2010.

Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) is the future of Swiftpage eMarketing as it features a dramatically superior editor (reminds me of the CMS editors in Joomla or Wordpress), a fully functioning workflow builder that can trigger additional actions, stages, and database changes, surveys, as well as comprehensive reporting.

We've seen a few hours of demonstrations of this new service, and for the first time we believe Act! has a product that can compete with the likes of Constant Contact & Mailchimp from a design perspective, while featuring the workflow capability of Pardot by SFDC - but at a small fraction of the cost (AMA entry level package is expected to be .5% of the annual cost of the lowest tier of Pardot). 

More importantly, AMA will be deeply integrated into the Act! core product with Act! v21, allowing users to work with groups and look-ups the way they're used to, while merging their database field data directly into their emails.

A few fast facts about Act Marketing Automation:
  • available to Act! subscription users only (no Pro, or legacy Act! platform support)
  • Emails will be fully responsive for mobile devices
  • will be fully GDPR & CANSPAM compliant
  • Lead capture forms to capture your prospects contact details
  • will support field changes in Act! as part of the workflow
  • will incorporate Youtube videos, landing pages, and surveys, just to list a few of their asset support
  • Dynamic content - display different content depending on the audience
  • Social Media integration - schedule your posts on social media and/or set up automatic posting workflows.
  • will trigger automated email responses based on reader activity for more effective sales targeting
Keystroke is really excited about AMA because it with works hand-in-glove with our workflow tool, the Knowtifier, that can trigger action off the field changes AMA makes to the database (checkout our "New Features" Deep Dive on Knowtifier this week to learn more).

More details to come
As AMA has yet to release in it's early plugin iteration, full commercial and feature details are scarce at this time, and subject to change, but based on the demos we've witnessed to date, Act! users will be delighted at this eMarketing solution, and what it could do for their business. 

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2018-10-03 13:50:59
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