ACTNowMonth-end typically spells the end of certain sales, but the end of April means the end of MANY.

Firstly, ACT Pro purchases will not longer be eligible for Business Care after April 30th. As the largest reseller of Business Care in the world, we cannot stress enough what a great value this program is to ACT users. Unfortunately for ACT Pro users, the new subscription pricing being introduced in May is so economical for Premium users, there is now room for Pro purchases to be priced beneath it.

If that were not enough, the 25% off sale on both full and upgrade licenses ends on April 30th, as well. As a reminder, the three major sales that are scheduled to end next Thursday (April 30th) are as follows:

    • 25% off ACT! v17 Pro: full licenses of ACT v17 Pro - $199.95. Upgrade pricing only $149.95!


    • Buy More, Save More: Purchase of 4-9 full licenses earns you 1 free; 10-29 earns you 3 free; and 30-99 nets you 6 free.


    • Obsolescence Buster: Owners of ACT 2012 licensing or older are eligible for upgrade pricing when purchased with Business Care. Savings of 33% or higher means you pay less for an upgrade version of ACT Upgrade with Bronze Business Care than you would a Full version of ACT without Business Care. In other words, you're getting two versions of ACT for less than the cost of one.


    • 10% off Bundled Business Care: Any Business Care you select with the purchase of ACT software has an additional 10% discount

Whether you have an existing quote with us, or would like one sent, please contact our sales department at 1-800-857-0558 and ask for Matt, Rebecca, or Ken.

2015-04-23 15:35:47
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