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There are 4 different levels of security types available in Act! and an Act! database administrator can chose and assign necessary permissions for the users.

Database Level
This type of security level allows users only with login access to open the database. User authentication is required in order to view the database information. Failing the authentication would restrict the user from logging.

User Level
There are 5 User Security Levels that can be chosen from. Different levels have different access rights for the users.

    1. Administrator: This is the highest level of security role available. By default a user who creates the database is assigned with this role. An administrator has full control over the database and is responsible for database maintenance, backup-restore, assign new/edit user information and their login details (NOTE: An administrator cannot view other user’s private data.)

    1. Manager: A manager of the database has all permissions that are available to an Administrator of the database excluding some database management and maintenance access, managing users, restoring database, administering custom tables, viewing/archiving log files.

    1. Standard: This level would enable users to only create/edit/delete their own contact, company and group records.  Although users have the ability to modify menus, toolbars, reports, and word templates however, will not be able to add fields or modify the layout.

    1. Restricted: Users with restricted access have a very limited permission on the database.
      This level would enable users to only create contacts/activities/sales opportunities/activity series, run reports, access e-mail and fax features.
      A user with this security level cannot add companies/groups; delete/edit any information from the database, initiate synchronization.

    1. Browse: Browse users have the most limitations.
      Browse users are only able to view database information, access to reports and word processing.
      With this security level users cannot edit any information, initiate synchronization and all other functions are disabled for Browse users.

NOTE: There are additional custom restrictions and permissions available that can be enabled by an Administrator to certain user levels.

Record Level
This level of access enables users to access the records that they are assigned to by an Administrator.  This would enable a user to create private data in the database that can be viewed only by the owner of the record.

Field Level
Field level security is a method that allows limiting access to certain fields by either Team association or by individual users. This will allow hiding or restricting access to data in sensitive fields such as credit card etc..

Field level security has 3 permission levels:

    1. Full access: This is the default option assigned to all fields. This access would enable a user to view/edit/delete data in the fields.

    1. Read Only: This level would restrict users from editing/deleting data from certain fields.
      Fields with Read only security level will have a gray background in the field

    1. No Access: This level would disable users from viewing data in the fields. Regardless the field carries data or no the field background is set to gray and no information’s is displayed.

NOTE: This level of security is only available in Premium edition of Act!.

Click relevant links for information on Security Levels in Act! , Field Level Security and detailed steps involved whilst configuring it in your database.


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