The first ever book of business we acquired from an ACC colleague was from Professional Computer Management (PCM), back in January 2011. Adrian and Ed Vanderlaan was great peers in the local Ontario market, and we had always enjoyed dealing with them, so it was especially flattering when they approached us with the offer to take over the sales and support of their ACT customers.
Four years later, Adrian offers the following kind words as to how he feels the transition went, and how his customers enjoyed it.




When Professional Computer Management Inc. (PCM) was looking to get out of the ACT! consulting practice we looked around at our options. The best option for us was to engage other consultants in the area. After a number of interview meetings, it became clear that Ken Quigley was one that we could work with. Throughout the initial process and discussions Ken was professional, courteous and prompt and took things seriously, a good sign for how I hoped he would treat our clients. Let’s be honest, these were clients we had worked with for years with whom we had built relationships. We wanted to ensure they were being passed on to someone who would take care of them as well as we did. At the time we chose Ken and closed the deal. It’s been a few years since this deal took place. We still maintain a working relationship with some of the ACT! clients for other services.
What’s nice about this is I get to hear feedback on how they like him. I have yet to hear a negative word about Ken and his team. Looking back we have no regrets about choosing Ken and would make the same choice if we had to do it all over again. My past ACT! clients are in capable hands with Ken Quigley!


Adrian VanderLaan
Service Manager

Professional Computer Management Inc.
Phone: 289-656-1100 ext. 202
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2014-03-26 16:51:48
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