swiftpageEffective December 1st, 2014, Swiftpage will be implemented a new pricing policy that effectively turns back the clock to January 2012 ACT prices. All prices on ACT Premium products and Business Care across the board are being slashed by almost 10%. This is not a sale or temporary promotional pricing, these are the product prices moving forward, and in my opinion better reflect what they should have been all along.

To provide some context, in January 2012, Sage implemented sweeping price increases on the ACT product line, with some Business Care products spiking 38%. As you might guess, this was not a popular decision, and the BPAC committee opposed them vigorously, but to no avail. The problem we had with this tactic was it was not based on increased product value, it was just based on greed. and it led Sage to spend the next 26 months discounting the same products.

Tomorrow's price change is a long overdue correction, and the reseller community couldn't be happier. The new management at Swiftpage will be making many more positive changes in the coming months, and we're confident they'll be well received based on the fact they're "customer centric", and not greed based.

Here is the general price breakdown:

Product November Pricing December Forward Savings
ACT Premium v17
(Qty 1-4)
$549/Full, or
$499/Full, or
$50 Full /
$32 / Upg.
Premium Bronze Business Care $126/per $115/per $11/per
Premium Silver Business Care $194/per $176/per $18/per
Premium Gold Business Care $262/per $237/per $25/per


To view the new prices, please visit www.Keystroke.ca/shoponline where we have already adjusted all our online ACT and Business Care prices to reflect the new policy. We think you'll like the changes..

2014-11-30 11:54:52
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