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Thank you for your recent questions. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2014!

For those who don't know me, I'm Guy Clack, Senior Product Manager for Act! and the Developer Programme within the Product Management function. 

When’s the next Act! delivery?
Swiftpage are working on a number of Act! deliverables (including Service Pack 1) for a product completion deadline of End of February 2014. The commercial delivery date for this will be confirmed early January 2014. 

What’s included in the next Act! delivery?
At this time (subject to change prior to release), the high level deliverables that fall into that February 2014 timeline are:

    1. Service Pack 1 – Quality improvements, Feature Pack and Act! emarketing delivery mechanisms


    1. Automatic Updates – Ability to deploy improvements to customers on Pro and Premium


    1. Act! emarketing (Engage) – Act! emarketing (Engage) seamless experience within Act! v16


    1. Plugin Manager – User interface that shows the addons you have within Act!, purchased through the marketplace or delivered through the Feature Pack entitlement model.


    1. Entitlement / Deployment – Linking of Swiftpage Internal CRM system to the feature pack entitlement model


    1. Web to Lead – Passing enquiries / leads into Act! 

When can we expect to hear more on the above list?
During early January we’ll be providing more updates on all of the deliverables planned for February 2014.

What can you tell us about Service Pack 1?
Service Pack 1 delivers on three things:

    1. Quality - We have a list of identified, fixed and verified items we wish to resolve to improve product quality.


    1. Feature Pack Infrastructure - During 2013 we communicated the change from annual releases to feature pack deliverables. For this to occur, it requires Swiftpage to change the way we not only deliver improvements to the Act! software but also how we switch features on based on customer’s entitlement.  Infrastructure requirements for Swiftpage to fulfil this are planned for Service Pack 1.


    1. Act! emarketing - This is the delivery mechanism for our Act! Emarketing (Engage) seamless experience with Act! v16.

Can you explain the feature pack delivery process?
Changing the delivery cycle from annual releases to feature packs required Swiftpage to focus on a more regular delivery mechanism for delivering feature improvements, without confusing customers over version numbers or increase IT/ Admin burdens with continual database schema changes.Service packs will be made available to all Act! users through automatic updates.

Service packs will contain some of the feature pack infrastructure required for current / future features for which they have entitlement. Features can then be delivered through a combination of the Service Pack and Plugin model that exists today. Important to note here, that customers will need to have installed a service pack that contains any feature infrastructure for future feature improvements to work when they are delivered via a plugin.

We have concerns about Automatic Updates being switched on Act!. How can we get involved to make sure it’s a success?
Swiftpage are aware of the historical challenges around automatic updates with Act!. Act! v16 Service Pack 1 will switch on automatic updates within Act! Pro and Act! Premium.  It’s important to note that, where product updates are delivered through Automatic Updates – Swiftpage are committed to providing updates which do not update schema version or implement features that require wide scale systems updates. 

Ongoing Partner and Customer feedback is vital in not only making this delivery model change smooth, but also a success. Swiftpage are holding “feedback sessions” with key stakeholder groups internally and externally to discuss delivery method options and improvements. We have already received a number of great suggestions and are investigating these. If you’d like to be involved please drop me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact me on +447841 496 020.

I look forward to providing you further updates during January 2014. May I take the opportunity to wish each of you, your families and your customers a great 2014!


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