UPDATE Feb-26: Preview of Act! 18.0 Update 7 - new final version (e)



New link below for rebuild "e" of Update 7. Please re-install this over the prior release of Update 7.

We've removed the non-functioning and redundant "Today" control and further refined Timezone processing on non-English operating systems. You can download Act! 18.0 Update 7e here

Fixes include:

  • D-04245: APFW - Calendar - Any view - Timezone Inconsistencies

  • D-04187: APFW - Calendar - mini calendar always uses the server date and time for the mini calendar funtions

  • D-04229: APFW - Navigating to Calendar View logs off user not running on English language Windows OS.

  • D-04249: APFW - Remove redundant Today button

  • D-04178: APFW - Schedule ActivityDialog - Dialog pulling server time instead of client time.

  • D-04186: APFW - Today button on calendar takes you to the wrong date.

  • D-04182: Change filestreams in licensing to be more friendly in large hosted environments


There will be no schema version rev with this update, so this update does NOT need to be applied to every Act! installation.


2016-02-28 12:24:25
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