For the month of September, we're offering our biggest discount ever on Act! Subscription membership. That's right, all past Act! customers are now eligible to receive 33% discount (see the chart below) off their first year of Act! subscription - which is like getting twelve months for the cost of eight. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a customer and choosing Act!.
If you’ve been holding off upgrading, there will never be a better time than now. If you're team is growing, on the move, or if you're just interested in getting more out of your data, you owe it to your business to see what the new Act! Premium or Act! Premium Plus can offer. And if you're using Act! v18, and facing that version being deprecated at the end of September, leaving you unable to get support or additional licenses, what better time than now?
Again, this offer is available exclusively to past Act! customers who are not currently on subscription and is only available for the first year of membership. This offer cannot be combined with volume discounts, perpetual purchases, or two-year pricing. Offer expires September 28, 2018. 

How to Save online
To save 33% on Act! Premium, Premium Plus, Premium Cloud, or Premium Cloud Plus, click on any of the previous product links, and use promo code "Winback" during checkout to apply discount. 
Please note that all subscriptions renew at the regular rate after the first year. Must provide proof of past Act! license to be eligible.


2018-09-10 12:34:36
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