Many of our customers have been forwarding us emails that they've received from Sage recently, advertising their accounting and CRM services. These emails have included dire warnings that Sage will no longer support ACT, and immediate action is recommended to avoid falling outside the protective umbrella of Sage.

The messages have both confused and alarmed our customers, and frankly surprised me for their audacity. Sage, as most of you already know, is not affiliated with ACT, and has not been since the transfer of ownership to SwiftPage last June st. Reporting that they no longer support ACT is misleading, and intended to create what we in sales call "FUD" (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

The management, development team, and channel reps that supported ACT under Sage continue to support and develop the product today under SwiftPage, so we are not lessor for their absence. Quite the contrary, in fact. The year before Sage sold ACT and SalesLogix to SwiftPage, they publicly declared both products to be "non-core" to their business interests, and their investment in them naturally declined. SwiftPage, on the other hand, has invested massively in these products in the last year, and now the company's survival depends on the fate of both.
ACT & SalesLogix are more than "core" to SwiftPage, they are their crown jewels. In other words, we're well rid of Sage's care..

2014-05-17 21:22:37
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