QW48QuoteWerks version 4.9 Build 10.x has been released!

This release introduces over 45 new features including: manufacturer part number lookup from the Document Items tab, Vendor selection on the Document Items tab, mobile phone field support for CRM/PSA's, new macros for Word Merging, free shipping minimum support for all vendors, and much more.

Here is the complete list of new features included with this update:

    • Update installations are complete installations (they are not partial patches). If you have already installed an earlier build of QuoteWerks, simply download the update installation program, start the installation program and install this updated build into the same directory as the existing installation.  All of your data and licensing information will be preserved.
      When the installation program asks for an Update Password or Serialized Update Key, enter the Update Password or Serialized Update Key that you have received from Aspire Technologies, Inc. or your local dealer. When purchasing an Update Maintenance Program you receive an Update Password or Serialized Update Key.


    • After you install this build, to confirm that this build has been successfully installed, select the Help|About menu in QuoteWerks. On this window, the build number should match the build number that you just installed.


    • If you have installed QuoteWerks on a network workstation, you will also need to re-run the node installation (\QuoteWerks\nsetup.exe) for each additional workstation that uses QuoteWerks on your network. Running the node installation is very easy to do. It does not ask you for any information, and it does not affect any of your existing QuoteWerks settings.


    • If you also have QuoteWerks installed on laptops or other remote computers, use this same updated installation program to update these installations.


    • Important Note: If you install the updated build into your existing QuoteWerks directory, you do  not need new registration codes. QuoteWerks will only prompt you to enter license keys or registration codes if you accidentally install this updated build into a brand new directory instead of into the existing QuoteWerks directory.


Click HERE for update and download details..

2014-09-29 12:58:06
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