Microsoft recently made Internet Explorer 11 a “Critical Update” as part of their Automatic Windows Updates. Unfortunately, we're experiencing issues with Act! Premium when accessed via Web interface. Microsoft has made changes to IE11's agent string to intentionally make current browser detection schemes unable to identify their browser.
Because of this, you will likely receive the error: "Unsupported Browser. The browser you are using is incompatible with our Web site. This application requires that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher." when trying to access your Act! Premium via the Web interface.

If you’re system has not been updated with IE11, launch Internet Explorer, click on Help and About (sometimes you’ll have to click the “ALT” key to display the pull-down menu). Once the IE splash screen appears, clear the “Install New Version Automatically”  check box, and you’ll be safe from this 2AM intruder.

If, on the other hand, you logged into your computer this week and discovered Microsoft had already “auto-updated” your system with IE11, do not fret, as you have two options:

    1. Keep Internet Explorer 11 installed, and browse to your ACT for Website, and when presented with the “Unsupported Browser” message, click on Tools, and Compatibility View Settings, and add your ACT for Web (ie. to the list, and click OK. Details on that can be found in the following knowledgebase article:


    1. Go into your Control Panel, click on Programs & Features, and then on the top left side, click “View installed Updates”. Once the new list of installed updates is displayed, scroll down to Microsoft Updates, select Internet Explorer 11, and click “Uninstall” at the top.

Whatever your choice, please go back and launch your version of Internet Explorer, click on Help and About, and clear that check box so that you have control of what version of Internet Explorer is installed, and not Microsoft. You may also wish to review the “Windows Update” settings in the Control Panel to see whether you wish to have Microsoft automatically download and install Windows updates.

Hope this helps..

2013-11-26 01:29:23
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