Keystroke is pleased to announce that with the pending introduction of the GDPR in the European Union, we'll be discontinuing the sale of Act4CASL and moving forward with only the Opt-In Manager. Back in 2014 we introduced Act4CASL as a means to help comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). This tool provided users the ability to quickly and easily harvest opt-in consents from their Act! contacts, so they could continue their emarketing efforts in a more conscientious way.

Earlier this year we updated and rebranded the Act4CASL application to make it suitable for customers in the European Union to comply with the pending GDPR, and it has been tremendously successful. Swiftpage recognized it's effectiveness, and recommended it to all their subscribers in the UK, and users responded accordingly.

However, as we responded to customer requests for new features, we realized that updating two products was impractical for us, and confusing to the customers, so we're discontinuing the sale of Act4CASL immediately. Existing subscribers will be able to renew their subscriptions, but moving forward now new ACT4CASL sales will be available. The information page has been removed from our website, and the product take down from the shopping cart.

We strongly believe that markets around the world will continue to adopt "Opt-In" regulations to replace the antiquated "Opt-Out" legislation of CAN-SPAM 20013, and to that end Keystroke will continue to improve the Opt-In Manager application as a solution for more conscientious and compliant email marketing.


2018-05-23 15:59:26
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