As soon as Microsoft released office 2013, our phones started to ring off the hook! Everyone wanted to know if the new computer they just bought that has a snazzy new version of Office on it will work with ACT!. The answer is, it depends ACT! 2012 and older will not work with office 2013 without an add-on product.
One of our colleagues, DesignR1, happens to have created a fix for this that can be found here:
We’ve tested our fix for ACT! 2011 – ACT! 2013 with 32-bit MS Office 2013 (please note, 64-bit office is NOT supported by anyone at this time). If you have ACT! 2013 with SP1 installed, it might work. If you installed the Gold release of ACT! 2013, and then installed the SP1 update separately it may not work. Only a full install of SP1 in other words, not an update will unlock some of the features. Even full installs of SP1 have been reported to not fully work.
If you want full, native, out-of-the-box support for Office 2013, you’ll need to wait until ACT! 16 is released later this year. Or you can purchase a few ACT! Add-ons to get the functionality now.

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2013-06-10 10:11:56
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