obsolescence.Over the past four years ACT has had a fixed obsolescence date of October first based on a consistent new release date of the first week of September each year. With this years new ACT v17 released expected to debut on October 23rd, Act! 2012 will become officially obsolete on November 30th, 2014. Obsolescence is based on a "New + 2" policy, whereby only the new version plus the two previous versions will be within compliance of the Obsolescence Policy.

Implications for ACT 2012 users are as follows:

    • No longer eligible for upgrade pricing


    • No longer able to purchase ACT 2012 licensing through SwiftPage


    • No longer eligible for SwiftPage Tech support on ACT 2012 product

Aside from these reasons, why should ACT 2012 users be concerned about letting ACT go obsolete?

    • It is difficult to purchase a retail computer any more without Windows 8 or Office 2013. Neither are compatible with ACT 2012.


    • If you wanted to use ACT for Web, neither Internet Explorer 10 or 11 will work with ACT 2012.


    • Feature Improvements with the newest version of ACT:
      - ACT v16 provides the ability to completely manage ACT through your phone or tablet
      - Calculated Fields
      - Improved History reporting with the new “History” button
      - Massively improved mobile features for ACT for Web and HTML5 (tablets and phone)
      - Enhanced Company features
      - Enhanced management features that better safeguard your data.


2014-08-30 11:10:57
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