All official sales of ACT! 2013 are ending today, November 30th
ACT Now to get the extra licensing your business needs

In accordance with Swiftpage Support Obsolescence Policy, sales of Act! 2013 (v15.x) ends today, November 30, 2015. After this date, no sales, service packs, hot fixes, or compatibility updates will be delivered for Act! 2013 (v15.x).

Make no mistake, Keystroke recommends upgrading to the current version of ACT, namely, ACT v17, for improved performance, features, and compatibility with today's operating systems, Office applications, and browsers.

But for those currently using ACT 2013, and are unwilling to upgrade based on budget, lack of need, or older IT infrastructure, the time to purchase additional ACT 2013 licensing to support team growth is now.

Imagine being forced to suddenly upgrade all your ACT licensing because you can't purchase a single ACT 2013 licensing after today? Why not buy yourself 1-2 extra licenses today for some future headroom, and then plan your upgrade when you WANT, rather than when you're forced to.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice, please call us at 1-800-857-0558. Use extension 311 for Matt, 313 for Russ, 309 for Rebecca, or 301 for myself.

You can also click HERE to see our online prices of ACT 2013, as well as upgrade options.

View the Obsolescence Policy 

If you're currently using ACT v16, v17, or on ACT subscription/Business Care you can disregard this message.


2015-11-30 14:53:36
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