Businesswoman Watching Video ConferenceWe've put together all the core things that Act! users should do to help them increase their productivity into one course, resulting in more and better business.

The course is taught by one of our instructors, Len Kamerman. Len has been working with Act! for 12 years and has done both public and corporate training for Keystroke customers.

Here is how the the five week, 90-minutes a class course is broken down.

Week 1 - Customizing Act!

    • Learn the approach to figuring out what fields you should include, and where


    • See how to add the fields to your database once you know what you want


    • Adding customization to your database makes daily activities easier


    • Make marketing more effective and provide better service


    • Learn how to make attractive database layouts that you and others will want to use

We'll give you examples and questions to ask that will help customize Act! to suit your own business.

Bonus: In addition to the weekly session, you'll get access to a video that walks you start-to-finish on how to create a layout, using an example, as well as a PDF cheat-sheet that explains each field type, so you'll always pick the right one when doing your own customization.

Week 2 - Manage Your Day Like a Power User

Master the activity functionality in ACT! to help you keep all the balls in the air and knock out your to do list in less time

    • Understand how to properly create and clear activities


    • Learn about the Activity Series for multiple-step processes


    • Leave with a new habit I learned that helps me consistently get the most important tasks done

Week 3 - Email Marketing How-To

Email marketing is sucha powerful tool, but a lot of Act! users aren't doing it yet, or they underutilize it.  We'll cover not only how to effectively use email marketing and options for integrating your email marketing with Act!, but also how to grow your email list in the first place.  This tactic alone could drastically increase your sales.

    • Discuss what key templates you should ready to use in your back pocket


    • Get the facts on what make up the critical elements of a successful e-mail message


    • Learn how ACT! E-marketing allows you to stay in touch with your Contacts without messy imports and exports


    • Walk step-by-step through creating a template so that you become comfortable creating your own custom templates

Week 4 - Reporting and Dashboards

With smart database customization and proper data input, you'll be able to get great information back out of Act!

    • See what Act! is natively capable of for both reporting and dashboards


    • Learn the best alternative reporting options - both free and paid are available, and how to choose


    • Tips and tricks like how to use Export to Excel for reporting purposes


    • My favorite overlooked reports

Week 5 - Getting Mobile with Act!

We're going to cover the available options for getting access to Act! when not at your computer, ranging from Contacts and Calendar functionality to more functionality including working with Opportunities.

    • Discuss native options including Outlook sync and Act! Premium Mobile


    • Understand 3rd party tool and my take on what's best


    • Leave with resources that will allow you to set any of them up with confidence

If you have to miss a session, no worries - you'll have access to the recordings and worksheets.

We hope you find the weekly classes to be a good pace - we don't like to stretch out the sessions too much or the course gets lengthy, but if you need more time to actually implement things, you can certainly work on the action items at your own pace.  The time spent fine-tuning your Act! will pay a return of increased productivity (and probably less stress) in no time.

Forum Access

Included with the course is access to a forum where you can post questions for the instructor and interact with the other participants.  You may have a specific question that didn't get asked during the webinar presentation and can get answers here.

Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the course, simply give me a call, articulate your issue, and I'll provide you with a full refund.  The refund must be requested no later than the third session and all access to course materials will be removed..

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