Microsoft® has announced that after July 9, 2019, they will no longer be offering extended support for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2. Many unsupported versions of Act! still run on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, which means that after July 9, 2019, they will no longer receive key security updates from Microsoft. Continuing to run Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 past this date may put systems and applications at an increased risk of potential security vulnerabilities.

To avoid possible security threats, we recommend users of these legacy versions upgrade to the latest version of Act!, which includes Microsoft SQL Server 2014. To support impacted Act! customers in avoiding security and incompatibility issues, promotional pricing is available until June 28, 2019.

The Act! versions released with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 are as follows:

  • Act! v17
  • Act! v16
  • Sage ACT! 2013
  • Sage ACT! 2012
  • Sage ACT! 2011
  • Sage ACT! 2010

Earlier versions of Act! used SQL 2005 or older, which was deprecated in 2013. For more information on this Microsoft announcement, please review the following link:

It should be noted that you could have a newer version of Act! and still be using SQL2008, as frequently the "upgrade" process leaves the existing versions of SQL installed if it's deemed to be compatible. 

How do I determine which version of MS SQL I have installed?
Follow these steps to unlock
  1. Close Act!
  2. Click the Start button or the Windows Key + "R"
  3. In the Search/Run dialog box on the start menu, type actdiag

    Then review the window displayed below, and the second line (labelled "Server Edition") will show the version of MS SQL that is installed locally on that machine.
If you have a supported version of Act!, but are still using SQL2008, you can update your version to SQL 2014 free of charge. You can find this download on our website at the following link:
Please note that in a multi-user environment, all remote databases will have to be updated, as well.
If you're on an unsupported version of Act!, and would like to find out the costs associated with upgrading, please try our CRM Konfigurator, an anonymous online quoting tool that allows you to discover all the current subscription options, as well as calculating your upgrade costs. If you have any questions at the end, please click our "Contact a Sales Rep" button.
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