DesignR1 Software has been a leader in the Act! community for many years, and we have been proud to count them among our peers. However, recently the management of DesignR1 decided to close their business operations to focus on other ventures, and they've asked us to assume the Act! sales & support responsibilities of their existing customers, as well as the distribution of their many fine Act! Add-on products. This decision was sudden and unexpected, but we've accepted.

To assist us in this lofty task will be former DR1 employees Greg Ferber (primary software developer), Jason Murphy (sales), and Erik Smetana (support) who joined our team on July 25th as full-time employees, and have been invaluable in the transition thus far.

This is not a small honor, as Mark Hammer’s team at DesignR1 Software have left us big boots to fill, and we're humbled by the trust they've placed in us.

All DesignR1 customers have been notified of this change, and their entire hosting department has been migrated over to our servers. We're looking forward to working with all of them in the weeks and months ahead, and we’re confident that the combined resources of the Keystroke & DR1 teams will serve these new customers well. To be clear, this was not a business acquisition, so much as a transfer of clients of one portion of their business - namely the Act! side of their operations, so these customers enjoyment of Act! would not be disrupted.

We will not be involved in their many online retail businesses, QuickBooks sales, or the contract services, nor did we have any visibility on their accounting or receive any inventory in this arrangement. 

On behalf of the Keystroke team, we warmly welcome these new customers, and pledge to fulfill the high expectations they have of their Act! software sales and support team.

2017-08-06 11:56:00
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