For the last few years when prospects asked to see a full demo of the Act! product, we had to either showcase it ourselves in a webinar, or send them to the one we had posted online for Act! v16. As you might guess, over the years this video material became increasingly dated, and the need for an updated version became more urgent.

We're happy to report that we've completed the newest full Act! demonstration video that is approximately 54-minutes in length, and provides a reasonably deep dive into the Act! product, with a focus on new and traditional program features. We've also included a sneak peak into some of the features to be included with Act! Premium Plus, due out late February 2018.

The following features are covered:

  • Contacts, Companies, & Calendars
  • Histories, Notes, Social Media Integration, Web Info tab, Timeline, Relationships, Secondary Contacts, and Opportunities
  • Act! emarketing, Act! Connect, Office Integration, Keystroke Actcessories, and Act! Web API
  • What's New in v20
  • Keystroke unique Act! services

The presenter is Greg Davis, formerly of Swiftpage where for 12-years he functioned as a Sales Engineer and District Sales Rep, and is generally regarded as amongst the most knowledgeable of their employees on Act!. Greg joined the technical support team Keystroke team last November, but has also been busy as one of our online trainers.
We're quite pleased with the video Greg has produced, and we hope all prospects find it useful in determining how suitable Act! CRM is for the business.

You can view the video at the following link:

2018-01-17 16:08:55
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