In September, Keystroke celebrated the 5th Anniversary of the Keystroke Partner Program (KPP) by relaunching our new channel website,

The new
This website's focus is to better promote the program and our partners. We invite everyone to checkout the roster of thirty-two current partners HERE, where we introduced a new filterable page with flipping profile cards to feature the partner's unique skills & background. We've also added FAQ and Partner Perks pages, along with easy menu access to a number of Keystroke "Partner Tools" including our online quoting tool, our customer portal, and Knowledge base, to say nothing of the Products page, where we chronicle the long list of software programs they get free as partners..

The Keystroke Partner Program today
Over the years our Partner Program has evolved, as has people's reasons for joining it. In the early going, the KPP served as a safe place for smaller partners to get support, with some even leveraging us to serve their customers as they expanded into other products.

Now a days, though, we've had many "Select" partners like Steve & Jean McCandlish, Karen Rankin, and Tamara Phillips, that have joined the KPP to actually grow their Act! business, all of whom have posted testimonials on the home page. Several of these partners have even come to play important operational roles with our customers, including Growth Suite provisioning and training, as well as project scoping & implementation.

Changes ahead
As we head into the annual Act! Conference, many changes lie ahead in the coming months for the Act! Channel, and at Keystroke we're ready for them. We've recently added two new marketing staff to the team, along with a web developer and creative director to prepare for the increased "agency" role we expect to provide in the future.

I hope we'll have an opportunity at the conference to chat with other Channel Partners about how to adapt to the future.


2019-09-11 20:58:41
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