Last month we announced details of the “Keystroke Success Commitment”, with a 5-point plan to deliver on that commitment. Those points included the following:

  1. Keystroke Customer Portal: an online resource to view and manage all your licenses, subscriptions, and support contracts.
  2. Keystroke Koncierge Program: a welcome program that includes free software, database review, and provisioning support from our success team
  3. Free Monthly Act! classroom training: a success commitment from us to ensure your team gets the most from Act! (includes our exclusive free 2-hour "Actcelerator" training video)
  4. Growth Suite Provisioning: A free hour of one-to-one training on Marketing Automation & a free subscription to Opt-in Manager to ensure your distribution list is optimal
  5. Orange Care & VIP Success Packages: Our exclusive support plans designed to support your CRM success at a great value

Each of the points above express our commitment to go beyond the point of purchase to deliver customer success. It’s in that spirit that we’d like to add to that list with our new “Business Growth Commitment”.

As part of our Business Growth Commitment we plan to hold a bimonthly raffle to award eligible customers a subscription to Professional Act! Marketing Automation. So convinced are we that Act! Marketing Automation will help our customers grow their business, that we’re putting our money where our mouth is, and awarding a free subscription to six draw winners over the course of the next month.

In addition to the subscription, our lucky winners will also receive our exclusive “Growth Suite Provisioning” free of charge, which is detailed above as #4 in our Success Commitment. These benefits include the following:

  • One hour free Act! Marketing Automation Training
  • 3-months of Free Opt-in Manager, which will allow you to easily and quickly harvest opt-in permissions from your distribution list
  • BriteVerify integration, which scans your database to determine the validity of each of the emails in your distribution*.

Who’s eligible?: The draw will be comprised of Act! Subscribers with a current Orange Care support plan, and who don’t already have an active AMA account. As AMA subscriptions must be coterminous with the customer’s Act! subscription, only customers with 6-months or more remaining on their contract will be eligible for a particular month’s draw. By running this contest over a year, all current Act! & OrangeCare subscribers will be eligible for half the draws.

When: Every other month starting the last week of September

Each of the Winners will be announced in our newsletter the following month, with testimonials on their provisioning experience with Act! Marketing Automation the month after that. Stay tuned for more details to come…


2019-09-06 18:55:01
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