Keystroke is pleased to announce that effective May 1st we've introduced a new promotion on the most popular Act! Subscription products that should be a customer delighter. All customers subscribing to eligible Act! Premium products receive 10% off the 1st year of their subscription as part of what we call the "Welcome Rate".

We understand the first year of Act! typically involves a bit more setup and configuration than the following years, so we've built in savings when you need it most.

To put this in dollar context, customers signing up for five seats of Act! would immediately save enough to pay for  2-hour VIP Plan, which could then be used to help ensure their deployment goes smoothly, and all users are setup properly.
What's more, the Welcome Rate applies to all additional licenses you purchase during the initial subscription terms, as well. So if you need to add one or more licenses before your first renewal, you'll get 10% off those seats too.

And the welcome rate is in addition to any quantity or multi-year discounts a customer would be entitled to. So if you purchase 20 seats of Act! Premium and get 10% discount on account fo that, you'd get another 10% with the Welcome Rate. Similarily, if you purchased a two-year subscription and got 10% off, you'd get another 10% off the first year's fee.

Here are the eligibility conditions:

  • 1st year's subscription of Act! Premium Subscription, Act! Premium Plus, or Act! Premium Cloud
  • 1st year is defined as either the 1st year with Act! or 1st year subscribing through Keystroke
  • Renewal's are not eligible, but additional licenses within the 1st year of subscription that are prorated to their first renewal date are eligible
  • Subscribers that purchase perpetual licensing with their first subscription are NOT eligible for the Welcome Rate. Similarly, Act! Pro purchases are NOT eligible for the Welcome Rate.
  • When purchasing multi-year subscriptions, the Welcome rate is applied only to the first year
  • The Welcome Rate can be applied in conjunction to quantity, loyalty, or multi-year discounts, but cannot be combined with any other promotion (welcome rate must be redeemed through sales team on multi-year deals)

To redeem these savings, simply ask your sales rep, or use promo-code "welcome" during our online checkout at, and see your savings applied instantly (multi-year deals must be purchased through Keystroke sales team to get discount).

This is a new promotion, but we think customers will enjoy the savings and the simplicity of the deal, so shop online or call us at 1-833-ACT-BOLD, and feel welcome.

2018-05-04 18:39:08
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