The results are in for the first half of 2019, and continues to be the market leader in almost every category of Act! Sales

  • #1 in Act! Growth Suites Sales
  • #1 in Annual Recurring Revenue
  • #1 in new Act! sales
  • #3 in Act! subscription retention

We're proud of the performance of our sales team, as they adapt to new products, bundlings, and prices, they never slow in their commitment to timely follow-ups, detailed & informed presentations, and the best solutions for our customers.

Checkout this months promotions as we're offering free custom tables (1st year only) with all Act! Growth Suite deals. Keystroke is the only reseller to offer this with Growth Suite, and saves customers up to $120/year/user in the first year, while adding significantly capabilities to the Act! CRM product.

Learn more about custom tables HERE.

2019-07-19 13:23:32
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