In the coming weeks Keystroke will be announcing significant feature improvements to their hosting program, not the least of which will include customers be able to complete their own onboarding (new or existing databases!), as well as server side automation upgrades with our exclusive "Knowtifier Enterprise"  application.

With the Knowtifier, Keystroke hosting customers will be able to automate emails to customers based on birthdates, anniversaries, renewal or maturity dates, you name it. And in cases of renewals, you can schedule multiple knowtifications leading up to their renewal date.

What's better, you can incorporate the Knowtifier into your workflow by automatically scheduling activities after the knowtifications so you knwo to follow-up on important dates. The Knowtifier quite simply is the best & simplest to use automation tool for Act!, and now it's available for all Web hosting clients.

Keystroke is always innovating to improve our customer's experience with Act!, because we believe that not every cloud has an orange lining

2016-09-10 22:09:22
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