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Keystroke is pleased to announce that effective July 1st, 2016, the team at Contactik (the French Distributor of Act! in Canada), will be joining forces with Keystroke Quality Computing Inc  (the English Distributor of Act! in Canada), to become 20% of the North American reseller market, and the largest Act! reseller in the world.

This is the first time in the nearly 30-year history of Act! that two top ten resellers have merged, and this combined company, to be known simply as "" moving forward, will have the added synergy of providing a single Act! distribution source for both English and French Canadians.

Keystroke will continue to operate out of the Montreal and Toronto offices, and all twenty-one employees will remain with the combined company to provide continuity of service for customers from both companies. The advantage of this merger is simple - Act! customers will now have an improved sales & support experience through one Canadian Act! Distributor, and French customers will have access to an unparalleled number of new Act! add-on products available in their language.

A combined 30-40 resellers from both companies will now operate under a single management for improved efficiency and regional focus.

Even our new branding, displayed above in our new logo, honours the history of the two companies and the Act! product, lending to greater continuity in both the Canadian and North American market. is also happy to report the technical merger of the two offices is near completion, with the two company databases merged and the office -to-office VPN in place. The upgraded replacement phone system is expected to be in place by the second week of July, and a new mobile friendly website is also expected to be launched before the end of the month, providing cutting edge technology for your customers, resellers, and partners.

2016-07-05 09:29:24
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