For all customers that purchased Mapper4Act! from Keystroke from July 2017 to present day, we have some good news. While we acquired this product when DesignR1 closed, we did not initially develop it ourselves, but do take responsibility for any customers that purchased this asset from us. Accordingly, we’ve been working the last few weeks to create a new version that does not rely on the Google mapping API, which changed this past summer and led to our Mapper program to fail.

We’re pleased to report this new version of Mapper leverages Mapquest technology, and allows for 15,000 contact calls a month free of charge. Each user will be required to register with Mapquest to get a free API key, but this one-time process only takes a couple of minutes.

This updated version is currently being beta tested by our team, and we will send all eligible customers and resellers a free copy once this process is completed. Resellers may have to coordinate with us to assess the number of licenses they require for their customers.

Thanks to everyone affected by this product failure for their patience and understanding.

2018-11-09 14:20:59
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