Start your year off right with the latest automation tools for Act!, to make sure you get more done with less effort in 2018. Act! is a terrific CRM, but to truly benefit from this software, you need to employ time-saving workflow technology, and Keystroke is offering two such products this month at considerable savings.


Perform field calculations, mail merges, creates notes or histories, and a whole lot more at the touch of a single button with Automator4Act!. Any repetitive process can be reduced to a single step, and save countless hours per week for you and your team.
Think of Automator4Act! as Macros for your Act! database. Automator4Act! is designed to make repetitive tasks simple, quick, and error-free.

  • Specify Buttons for particular task
  • Perform multiple tasks with a single button
  • Make tasks conditional with if/then statements
  • Reference fields in the database within your actions
  • Create lookups using data from current contact
  • Mail Merge HTML documents
  • Perform complex mathematical equations

Watch a video of Automator4Act!

PROMOTION: Normally $49.95, but 50% off in January with all Act! purchases.

The Knowtifier

The Knowtifier delivers on the promise of truly automated customer notifications for birthdays, anniversaries, renewal dates, maturity dates, or any type of customer notification you'd like to trigger from Act!. What's more, unlike other automation products, the Knowtifer can trigger customer emails off of both contact and custom table fields within Act!, and have those email notifications merge Act! data into the emailed notifications.
Some quick facts about the Knowtifier:

  • You only need The Knowtifier installed on one computer for one database for your entire Act! network.
  • Can trigger off Contact fields or Custom Table Fields.
  • Runs as a service for added reliability
  • Configure as many notifications in The Knowtifier as your business requires.
  • Can be configured to provide multiple notifications that countdown towards a date field
  • Never miss another customer birthday, renewal date, or anniversary again.
  • Create your own beautiful HTML emails without subscribing to a service provider for delivery.

Keystroke developed the Knowtifier for internal use, and currently it sends out approximately 50,000 automated renewal notices per year, and has become the backbone of our subscription management.
Learn more about the Knowtifier HERE.

PROMOTION: Normally an annual subscription of the Knowtifer is $299.95, but we're giving the first year's subscription FREE with all purchases of 5+ Act! Subscriptions. Purchases of smaller quantities of Act! Premium Subscriptions this month are eligible for a 50% discount on their first year of the Knowtifer.

New Years Resolution
Make 2018 more productive and efficient with automation technology from Keystroke, the #1 reseller of Act! in the world. Call our sales office at 1-833-ACT-BOLD, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a demonstration and or quotation today.

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