We have received several reports where Avast anti-virus is quarantining Act!.exe or Act!.Integration.exe. This is following the 'Avast! Virus Definitions Update – May 21, 2018'.


We have escalated this to Avast as a false positive, and are awaiting their feedback. As Act! is not the only legitimate application affected by this, we are hoping that a further update will be made to Avast soon to resolve it.


Affected customers should see a clear on-screen message when this is detected, and can select to create an exception from this dialog. If they proceed to move the file to the Avast Virus Chest however, they will be unable to open Act!. This can be resolved by navigating to the Virus Chest within Avast, and selecting to restore the Act! files. We recommend that any affected customers also report this to Avast via https://support.avast.com, as this can help to accelerate their solution.


Update: May 24th, 2018


Avast have now verified this as a 'false positive' detection, and have cleared the reputation of our files from their database. Note that this can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

If you experience continued issues using Avast with Act! please add details to this post or contact our technical support team.


* See illustration below of false psoitive


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2018-05-23 22:46:27
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