IT Outsourcing is big business. Last year, IT outsourcing jumped 19%. With an increase in services, and economics of scale, businesses in the US and Canada use the current buyers market to grow their IT without incurring the costs of running full in-house IT teams.

Infrastructure Costs are Down
With data colocation centers sprouting up everywhere, and cloud based systems available for cheap or even free, Infrastructure costs are going down. This is the chief driving factor of the current buyer's market for businesses to outsource their IT.

Applications are Up
Since businesses can afford the formerly prohibitive costs of infrastructure, organizations are able to spend more on SaaS applications for CRM and more. While the costs of software has not gone down significantly, when combined with the lowered costs of technological infrastructure, businesses can now afford highly competitive IT solutions for every aspect of their business. 

Business Opportunities
With increased technology, both in software and in hardware, your business has tremendous opportunities to grow your IT. While many people are tempted to build their own custom solutions with in house IT and open source software packages, this is not a smart modern solution.

IT companies are having to compete in the space of infrastructure commodities, so they are adding business enterprise systems to package IT deals. Your business can grow quickly and cheaply through outsourcing your IT needs: both applications and cloud based hosting for them.

CRM Combine with IT
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one form of enterprise software that is available to businesses looking to save money through the lower costs with modern IT. For businesses to take advantage of the modern market, they need to integrate customer management, hosting and IT services in one outsourcing package. We offer ACT! software for managing contacts and customers, IT, and more. Contact us for more information on outsourcing your IT and software needs.

2015-02-12 18:36:13
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