IOS7ACT Premium Mobile displays all activities an hour early with IOS7 devices

This issue came to light last week when a customer reported that they showed up to three meetings in one day an hour earlier, and my initial testing could not reproduce the problem. When I loaded his database via the Web in Internet Explorer 10, all appointments displayed at their proper time, meaning the database was publishing the correct data.
Just to be thorough, though, I pulled out my iPhone 4s and loaded his calendar and was quite surprised to see that all appointments were, in fact, displaying an hour earlier than what IE10 was indicating.

Further testing revealed that BlackBerry, IOS6 devices (or earlier), and Android devices had no such problem. This anomaly was only occurring on Apple devices running IOS7. The problem seems to be with Apples Daylight Savings Time (DST) issue, and was first reported in Australia (see, and then later in the ACT Community (see Unfortunately the later ACT Community posting has not proven to be efficacious when we tested it, so the issue remains unresolved.
We've reported the issue to the product development team at ACT, so they're now aware of it.


2013-10-22 14:09:06
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