At the November Act! Conference we announced a number of updates to Handheld Contact for Android, IOS, and Blackberry. We're pleased to say that the Android & Blackberry versions were released within a week of the conference, and the only bug found was fixed within 3-hours.

The feedback for HHC 3.0 for Android & Blackberry has generally been excellent, and we appreciate all the suggestions that made it so.

Last Friday morning we submitted the HHC 7.0 for IOS, and it was approved early by Apple at around 4PM Sunday. Shortly after that hour, we began to discover a number of issues that we understood to be resolved in previous builds, and this led to the unfortunate discovery this morning that the latest build had not been submitted to Apple.

This was a mistake, and that version has subsequently been replaced on the App Store with the the build we intended to submit Friday. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this mistake caused.
If you or your customers downloaded the previous update to your IOS device, please return to the App Store for an additional update.

No update is required for your HHC Windows Console software.

We're working on additional updates in the coming days and weeks as we receive feedback from our users, but we're confident you can recommend this production ready version of our mobile software to your customers.

At Keystroke & Handheld Contact, we believe that we not only owe our customers our best efforts, but honesty as well.
Thanks for your time and understanding. 


2016-12-12 20:43:53
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