Have you ever joined a gym with the best of intentions? You plunk down your membership fees and this time you are really going to do it. A year later, your renewal comes up and you realize that you didn’t benefit at all by making that financial commitment. I think we have all done something along those lines.

The same pattern applies to a large percentage of businesses that purchase or subscribe to a CRM solution. The intent is there. The money gets spent and the solution just sits there. Just like with a gym, if you don’t make that next-level commitment, learn to use the equipment and work with a trainer, the results just won’t materialize.

I have encountered too many clients that have signed up and not done the work with a CRM. When they get their renewal notice, they will decide to either not renew or they will think they should try another platform because the results just didn’t happen. The solution to this problem is simple. If you have a CRM system or Marketing Automation solution, engage with your vendor, invest in support and training and just like with a gym membership, show up.

At my company, we are committed to making your investment in our solution a success. We are introducing resources for those willing to make the commitment and take the time on an ongoing basis.

For example, we recently started selling a more advanced Marketing Automation platform. We found that when we put it in our client’s hands, their response was “Now what?”. As a result, our owner stepped up and now offers a one-hour consultation with an expert to get new users familiar with the template editor, structuring campaigns and workflows and all that is entailed in the new solution.

If you are considering a new CRM or Marketing Automation solution or revisiting an old one, before you get started or spend a dime, make a commitment to yourself like you would at a new gym. Make sure that you are going to sign up, show up, learn to use the equipment and find some trainers that you can work with. It really is that simple.

2019-08-10 14:03:08
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