How do I download and apply the latest Service Pack update for my Act! software?

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Note: This method only updates Service Packs. For instructions on applying the latest Hot Fix, refer to the following Knowledgebase article:

How do I download and apply the latest Hot Fix for my version of Act!? Answer ID 37294

Important information before updating your Act! software:

All Act! Users

    • It is recommended that you create a backup of your database before updating your version of Act!.

    • Once you update the Act!, your databases must also be updated and cannot be reverted back to the previous version. If you wish to go back to a previous version of Act!, you will need to uninstall and re-install the previous version and restore a backup that was created prior to the update of your database

    • If you are using any third-party add-on products, check to be sure that it is compatible with the latest version of your Act! software before updating Act!

For information on backing up and restoring your Act! database, refer to the following Knowledgebase article:   How to Back Up and Restore an Act! Database Answer ID 19211

Shared Database Users

    • If your database is a shared database, the update must be applied at the machine hosting the database first, then the database must be updated from the host machine before any workstation users attempt to access the database


    • All Act! database users must also apply the same update in order for everyone to continue to be able to access the database via network share

Remote Synchronization Users

    • If you host a Publisher database, only Remote users that have updated to the same version will successfully synchronize


    • If you use Act! Premium and use the Internet or Network Sync Services, you may need to apply updates to them after applying the update. You can find these by going to and looking for your version of Act!

Updating to the most current version of your Act! software

    1. In Act!, click Help > ACT! Update


    1. When prompted to create a backup, click Yes


    1. Browse to the location you wish to save the backup, click Save, then click OK to create the backup


    1. When notified of a successful backup, click OK


    1. In the Available Update Details screen, click Download


    1. Once the download completes, follow the prompts on screen to install

Updating your database

    1. After the software update finishes installing, launch Act! and open your database


    1. When prompted to create a backup of your database before proceeding, click Yes if you did not already do so in previous steps, otherwise click No


    1. When prompted to update the database, click OK


    1. Once the update process completes, click OK to open your updated database


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