You would like to know how to setup the LogMein Hamachi VPN service to enable remote synchronization with your ACT! databases.

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LogMeIn Hamachi is a subscription VPN (Virtual Private Network) network service offered through®. It can be installed and configured to allow the Sage ACT! Application Synchronization Service or Network Synchronization Service to synchronize an ACT! 2005 or later remote database through the Internet via a secure VPN connection. Follow the steps below to install the Hamachi VPN service and configure ACT! to sync through it.
Note: The information in this article is provided as a convenience. ACT! does not provide support for LogMeIn Hamachi. For support information, please visit the LogMeIn Hamachi Support web page. The instructions below are for a basic installation and setup of LogMeIn Hamachi. There are more advanced configurations which are not covered in this article.

Disclaimer: This content of this article is not recommendation to purchase or use LogMeIn Hamachi VPN. There are other VPN services available.

Step One: Set Up Sage ACT! Synchronization
You will first need to setup the sync service in ACT!, create your remote database(s), and deploy them to the remote computer. Please see the following Knowledgebase articles for instructions:

ACT! and ACT! Premium products
How To Set Up Application Synchronization in ACT! Answer ID: 15192

ACT! Premium products only
How to Setup Network Synchronization in ACT! Answer ID: 21832

Step Two: Install and Setup Hamachi VPN on the Publisher Computer

    1. On the Publisher (host) computer, go the Internet and navigate to the LogMeIn website.

    1. Under the Products menu, select LogMeIn Hamachi2.

    1. Click the Download Now button.

    1. If you choose the Register Now option, you will be taken through additional configurations that are not covered in this article.

    1. On the next screen, check the box for "Conditions of Use" and click the Download Now button at the bottom. Again, if you choose the Register for Free option, you will be taken through additional configurations that are not covered in this article.

    1. When the download screen comes up, click Run.

    1. Click Run again on the next screen.

    1. Choose your language on the Language Selection screen and click Next. On the next screen, just click Next.

    1. On the Terms and Conditions of Use screen, click I Agree.

    1. On the Choose Install Options screen, choose to accept the defaults or customize as desired, then click Install. The LogMeIn Hamachi installation will begin.

    1. When the screen indicating the setup is complete comes up, check the Launch Hamachi box, and click Finish.

    1. The LogMeIn Hamachi user interface will open.

    1. In the Hamachi user interface, select Network, then Create a new network.

    1. Type in the name you would like to use for this network (for example, "ACT! Database Sync") and password, then click Create. You will see this network name appear in the user interface.

Step Three: Install and Setup Hamachi VPN on the Remote Database Computer

    1. Go to the remote computer(s) you wish to have synchronize with the main database and repeat Steps a-j from above to install and setup Hamachi.

    1. On the remote machine, click the power button for Hamachi, select Network, then "Join an existing network".

    1. In the "Join Network" dialog box, enter in the Network ID and Password for the network you created for Hamachi on the Publisher computer. Click Join.

    1. In the Hamachi user screen, you should now see that you are connected to the Hamachi network you established on the Publisher computer. The name of the Hamachi client on the remote should also now be displayed in the Hamachi user interface on the Publisher machine.

    1. Open ACT! and then open the remote database from the remote computer. From the Tools menu, click Synchronization Panel, then click Manage Connection Information.

    1. Set the Connection Type at Network (inside a firewall)

    1. In the "Enter the Machine Name..." box, type in the IP address of the Hamachi client you created on the Publisher computer. This will be displayed at the top of the Hamachi user interface on the Publisher computer (example: Do not change the port number.

    1. Click Finish, then Close. You are now ready to synchronize your ACT! database through the LogMeIn Hamachi VPN.

Important: In order to successfully sync via the Hamachi network, the Hamachi clients on both the remote computer and the Publisher computer must be powered on and both must show they are connected to each other. This is indicated by a green circle next to the corresponding client name and Network ID in the Hamachi user interface.


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