The latest Handheld Contact build for IOS has just been approved by Apple. The build is 7.3, and addresses a number of calendar issues with 7.2, and a number of sync issues with 7.1.

Two points on IOS11 that we want to make.

  • Firstly, the compatibility issues we observed with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 8 models is fixed.
  • Secondly, IOS11 allows us to now release this update for 7-days before it becomes "automatic" for users that have configured their devices to update that way. For this reason, HHC 7.3 will not be listed under Updates for the next 7-days, but rather available when you search for "Handheld Contact" in the App Store.

For those that switched to "HHC Legacy" during the past few weeks, we want to remind you there is no upgrade path from Legacy to HHC 7.3, as the latter is a different product from Apple's perspective. Those users will have to uninstall HHC 7.1.2 from their device, install 7.3, and then do a resend-all from their HHC computer software (please remember not to let your device time-out during the initial sync).

Thank you.

2017-10-11 19:09:10
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