Important Subscription Notice from Swiftpage

For Full Rate Subscribers (paying $25/user month)

We’ve got some great news! Your Act! CRM subscription plan is eligible for an account upgrade with your 2020 renewal. Here is what’s going on.

In November Swiftpage intends to move forward with one Act! subscription offering, namely Act! Growth Suite, which is a combination of Act! CRM, Marketing Automation, Hosting, and Technical Support, after which time, Act! Premium will no longer be sold as a standalone CRM product.

While this shift will impact different subscription accounts in different ways, your account has the "option" to be upgraded to Act! Growth Suite at your next renewal for only $5/user/month extra, with the Professional tier of marketing automation service added to your subscription.

That’s right, you’ll get the following Act! Marketing Automation tools:

  • 10,000 sends per month
  • An interactive drag and drop template editor with mobile & desktop preview
  • Social sharing, landing pages, and lead capture tools
  • A visual workflow designer, drip marketing, and surveys
  • And Marketing calendar, real-time campaign metrics, and deliverability & compliance tools

When you consider this same Professional tier of Act! Marketing Automation previously cost $948 per annum in the first quarter of 2019, this is an incredible upgrade for these subscribers.

More details will follow in the coming weeks and months, but please know Swiftpage and Keystroke will continue to work to increase the value of your commitment to us. In the meantime, please click HERE to learn more about how Act! Growth Suite, and how you can soon leverage the power of marketing automation to grow your business.

Do you have to wait for your renewal?
If you'd like to get started right away, full rate subscribers are eligible to upgrade to either the Premier or Ultimate tiers of Act! Growth Suite at $45 and $90 per user, per month respectively. More costing details are explained HERE, and any unused portions of your current subscription would be applied as a credit towards your new plan.

Even with zero cost adjustment, we know this is a lot of change to process, and we want to earn your well-informed business. If you have any questions, please dial 1-833-ACT-BOLD and ask for James (ext. 703) Suzanne (ext. 325), or myself (ext. 301), and we’d be happy to help explain this transition, as well as provide some options for getting started with Growth Suite right away!.

2019-10-01 11:52:42
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