Trulia for Glass alerts users when they're near an open house that matches search criteria

hi-glass-trulia-8colA U.S. real estate listings website has developed an app for Google Glass eyewear to help its clients find properties more easily and conveniently while they are on the go.
The Trulia for Glass app was developed by the San Francisco-based company Trulia, which operates listings in several major U.S. cities.

The app does more than just display property listings right before the eyes of someone who is wearing Google's augmented-reality glasses. It also alerts home seekers when they are close to an open house that matches their search criteria, gives them directions to a property, enables them to call or email an agent directly through the application and can read out a property description.

The company hopes to launch the app in July.

Google Glass technology enhances the wearer's visual experience by displaying information about what they are seeing on the viewing surface of the glasses or in audio form. The eyewear is equipped with a camera and responds to verbal commands and taps and swipes of the finger on the side of the frame.

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2013-06-12 10:45:41
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