Data backed up? Check.
iOS 7 installed? Check.
Data restored? Check.
Life is good and time to fire up your favorite iTunes Radio station, right?
Not so fast. Before diving into the beautiful, parallaxy, candy-colored world that is iOS 7, you need to adjust your privacy settings on your iPhone or iPad. If you like your Privacy, that is. Installing iOS 7 is pretty easy and, even if you don't back up your data ahead of time, it will usually put everything back right where it belongs.Simple, right?
Well yes, thats how iOS 7 is designed to work. But dont let Apples thin Helvetica Neue and and serene, dynamic wallpapers lull you into complacency. A whole number iOS upgrade is a big deal and it resets a bunch of your settings and adds other new ones that you should be aware of...

via Four privacy settings you should enable in iOS 7 immediately | ZDNet..

2013-09-19 15:35:04
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