Topline_logoWhenever I do a demo for a new prospect they're often surprised to see that we internally manage our project management, ticketing system, customer software inventory, and much more right within the ACT application.
In fact, soon our website will provide customers the ability to securely login and retrieve their licensing information, which will dynamically read from the data we store within our ACT database.

What's the secret? The answer is Topline Designer.
Since ACT 2008 SP2, ACT has supported custom tables and Topline Results was one of the first vendors to harness the power of them. After almost six years, the product has advanced considerably, and now many of the features that i described are available as "themes" within the application that you can simply "import" directly into your database.

ProductsWhat's more, you can have tables within tables, or what is described as "nested tables", that allow you to record multiple incidents within a single custom table.
Let me describe that differently. Imagine a "Project" being created, which in itself contains a lot of details of what must be done, and by when. And while custom tables allow you to record MANY custom tables within a single contact, "nested tables" allow you to record many tables within a single table.

The project table, for example, could generally define the entire project, but a nested table within it could record all the steps involved within that project.
See video demo at the following link:

As you can see from the video demo above, this one inexpensive add-on dramatically increases the capability of the application.
I've migrated customers from much more expensive applications to ACT, and the lost very little functionality based on the inclusion of Topline Designer custom tables. A large insurance brokerage, for instance, migrated from SalesLogix, and they were able to keep all their policy information on each customer with the custom tables, and they've done so very several years, and through numerous ACT upgrades.
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2014-02-24 12:39:05
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